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Coronavirus Information for Prague and Czech Republic

In an attempt to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Prague and the Czech Republic, the government has declared a state of emergency.

The information on this page is tailored for tourists planning to visit the city.
Last Updated: 09 April 2020

Coronavirus in Prague: Emergency Measures

The Czech Republic has closed its borders.

Foreign nationals are not allowed to enter the country.

Tourists are allowed to leave. Czech people are allowed to leave and re-enter the country under certain circumstances.

The Czech Republic is also under quarantine.

Free movement of people outside the home is forbidden; people can only go out to work, shop, excercise, visit medical facilities and visit family if necessary.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Prague, Czech Republic
Coronavirus and Prague

Emergency Measures currently in force:

-People are required to wear a face mask or other mouth and nose protection outside their home at all times.

-Gatherings of more than two people are banned.

-People must keep a distance of 2 metres apart, unless they are members of the same household.

-Certain types of shops are open, including grocery stores, pharmacies, newsagents, garden centres, florists, pet shops and petrol stations. But most shops remain closed.

-Shopping centres and markets are closed.

-Hotels are closed to new guests.

-Restaurants and pubs are closed.

-Sights, attractions and museums are closed.

-Sightseeing tours, walking tours and activities are suspended.

-River cruises are suspended.

-Entertainment and nightlife venues are closed.

-Concerts, music events, opera and theatre performances are cancelled.

-Indoor sports facilities and swimming pools are closed.

-Outdoor sports facilities are open.

-Cinemas and amusement facilities are closed.

-Events and exhibitions are suspended.

-Public transport is operating in holiday mode, except the Funicular which is closed.

-International rail and bus services are cancelled.

-Visa applications for tourists wishing to visit Prague are suspended.

-Prague Easter Markets are cancelled in 2020.
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Coronavirus Information for Prague

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