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Coronavirus (COVID-19) News for Prague and Czech Republic

The State of Emergency imposed to combat coronavirus (COVID-19) is over in Prague and the Czech Republic. We have the latest news on the businesses and tourist facilities that have reopened, the foreign nationals allowed to visit, and the flights that have resumed.

This information is tailored for tourists planning a trip to Prague.
Last Updated: 05 June 2020

Coronavirus in Prague: Emergency Measures

The Czech Republic has partially reopened its borders:

1. Foreign nationals from the following countries are permitted to enter the country without restrictions (without a Coronavirus test or quarantine):

-Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia.

2. Other foreign nationals are permitted to enter under the following circumstances, subject to a negative Coronavirus test on arrival or 2 weeks quarantine:
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Prague, Czech Republic
Coronavirus and Prague
-University students from EU countries

-Cross-border workers

-Non-EU citizens arriving for seasonal work in agriculture, the health service or care

-EU citizens arriving on business: maximum 3 day stay.

3. Czech nationals are permitted to travel abroad and re-enter the country. Where foreign nationals can enter the Czech Republic without restrictions (see above), Czech nationals can do the same. Otherwise, Czech nationals will be subject to a Coronavirus test on return, and quarantine in the event of a positive test.

Timetable for the further reopening of the borders

From 15th June 2020

EU nationals will be permitted to travel to Prague and the Czech Republic.

Nationals from the following countries will be permitted to enter the country without restrictions (without a Coronavirus test or quarantine):

-Greece, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Cyprus, Iceland.

Nationals from the following countries will be permitted to enter the country subject to a negative Coronavirus test on arrival or 2 weeks quarantine:

-UK, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Malta, Denmark.

Non-EU nationals
No announcements have been made so far on non-EU nationals.

Emergency Measures still in force

-People are required to wear face masks in enclosed areas outside their home, for example in shops, theatres, taxis and on public transport. In restaurants and pubs, face masks can be removed to eat and drink, but must be worn when moving around the place.

-Social distancing measures require people to keep 2 metres apart unless they are members of the same household: in restaurants, tables should be 2 metres apart; in theatres, people should be seated one row apart, and there must be one seat empty between groups of people.

-Large festivals and sporting events are cancelled until the autumn.

Businesses and Tourist Facilities that are open

-Shops, markets and shopping centres.


-Restaurants, pubs and cafes - indoor and outdoor seating permitted until 23:00.

-River cruises.

-Most sights and attractions, including Prague Castle, and all the city's famous towers, such as the Old Town Hall Tower and Petrin.

-Most museums, galleries and exhibitions, including the National Museum.

-Swimming pools, fitness centres, spa, massage, wellness and other sports facilities.

-Zoos - indoor and outdoor areas.

-Classical concerts, opera, ballet and theatre performances.

-Music, sporting and cultural events with seating for up to 300 people.

-Public parks and gardens, including the Prague Castle gardens.

-Public transport is operating in semi-holiday mode.

-The Funicular Railway runs to the top of Petrin.

Flights to Prague that have resumed

-Some European flights to Prague have recommenced, including from: Amsterdam (Czech Airlines & KLM), Bucharest (Czech Airlines), Dusseldorf (Eurowings), Frankfurt (Czech Airlines, Lufthansa), Paris (Czech Airlines) and Stockholm (Czech Airlines).

-London to Prague (Czech Airlines) is scheduled to resume on 25th June.

-Some international rail and bus services have resumed.

Timetable for the further relaxing of restrictions

From 8th June 2020

-Cinemas and theatres – all seating restrictions will be lifted. There will no longer need to be free rows or empty seats between groups of people

-Events for up to 500 people will be allowed, including for concerts, theatres and cinemas

-Restaurants & Pubs – outdoor areas (terraces and beer gardens can open after 23:00)

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Coronavirus Information for Prague

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