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Established in 2002, Prague Experience is the original Prague city guide and online booking service. We guide visitors through the best aspects of Prague, and offer an honest, value for money booking service: there are NO hidden extras with Prague Experience.
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Why Prague Experience?

Prague Experience is a division of Travel Experience Ltd, a UK company with offices in London and Prague.

Our team includes Czech and UK travel industry professionals, and senior management has over 50 years' combined experience in the tourist sector.

Our offices are staffed with fluent Czech and English speakers. And we are open 7 days a week, to process your reservations and to support you with your trip to Prague.

If you have any queries or concerns, search through our website, or contact us to receive a rapid response. is updated daily. It is the most accurate and comprehensive guide to Prague available.

Before Covid hit, around 10,000 people would visit this website every day. Now, after a torrid couple of years for travel, visitors are returning to Prague and using our website and tourist services once more in ever greater numbers.

But why Prague? As the capital city of Czechia (Czech Republic), Prague lies at the heart of Central Europe. A dramatic history, fascinating sightseeing, and a wide variety of entertainment make it one of the true 'must see' cities in Europe, if not the world. brings all this together to form a single source of information, useful both to tourists visiting the city and to the people who live here.

We do not cover every nook and cranny of the city. Instead, we focus on the best of Prague: the best sightseeing, events, activities, entertainment and nightlife, including those hidden gems in historic cities that we all find fascinating.

To help you plan your Prague trip, we also feature plenty of practical information.

Places and services featured on this website are hand-picked and go through a rigorous review process before we list them. Thereafter, we regularly revisit places and test out the services we offer, to ensure standards are maintained, and to update the information we provide.

We welcome your feedback: if we receive negative reviews on a place or service we feature, we investigate (we don't sit at our desks, we go along incognito and find out what's going on). If we find standards have dropped, it will be removed from our website - as in any city, restaurants change ownership, shows are revamped, attractions grow tired, and so on.

Of course, we want to hear about the great experiences people have in Prague too, especially if you have booked one of our services and enjoyed it. So send us your trip reviews and Prague Experience reviews too.

As you search the web for information on Prague, you will find it is dominated by huge websites that feature hundreds of cities, with Prague as just one of their destinations. The problem with such sites is that the authors of the information have probably never even been to Prague, maybe the writer is not even human but AI! At Prague Experience it is simple: we specialise in Prague, and real people write our information based on first-hand experience.

Our mission is to provide the best Prague travel guide on the internet, featuring the best things to see and do in the city. We eat in the restaurants in Prague, we climb the towers, we go on the tours, and we visit the opera and attend the classical concerts. Plus, we eat the sausages and drink mulled wine at the Christmas markets! We live and breath the city.

One other aspect which is important to us is to be honest with prices. For example, if transport, an entrance fee, food or specialist equipment is vital to the smooth running of a tour or activity, we include it in the price. There's nothing more to pay when you arrive, and the guide will not hassle you for a huge tip at the end.

Prague Experience was inspired by traditional travel guide books. Prior to starting the business in 2002, one of our founders, James Blaney, travelled extensively around the world, including one trip which took him from London to Australia overland. In the days when the internet was still in its infancy, such trips were made easier with a trusty guide book in the backpack.

Naturally, has several advantages over a traditional guide book: we can update information continuously and we offer online booking.

We want your visit to Prague to be enjoyable and hassle free: you can use this website purely for information, to book a restaurant for a special occasion, to book a sightseeing tour, river cruise or concert tickets, or to organise your whole Prague Experience.

Nationals of all countries are welcome to book through Prague Experience.

Company Number 04493003. VAT Number GB108297212.

Prague Package

The Prague Package offers an easy, great value way to visit Prague. It includes a hotel, airport transfers, sightseeing and entertainment. Just add flights and you are all set.

More Information

For an introduction to the city, view our guides to Prague tourism and tourist information.

Useful information is also contained in travel information, events and children's fun.

You can read our booking information.

And for further advice, speak to an experienced member of our team: contact us.
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