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Prague New Year's Eve 2018-2019

New Year's Eve in Prague » 31st December 2018

New Year's Eve in Prague is party night. The river cruises, restaurants, bars and clubs are all full, and the atmosphere gently builds towards midnight, when revellers gather around the city to watch the fireworks.

New Year's Eve in Prague

Prague New Year's Eve

Prague is a popular city to celebrate New Year's Eve in. The festivities are enjoyed by one and all, young and old, from the quiet and romantic to the wild and carefree.

There are entertainment options to suit everyone. Some restaurants offer a simple dinner. Others put on an all-inclusive night of fine food, drinks and dancing.

Some revellers bar crawl, drink beer on the streets, and chance on finding a club after the fireworks, while others buy tickets for a party months in advance.
Finally, there are the ever popular river cruises:
Party Boat | Jazz Cruise | Grand Panoramic | Panoramic | A La Carte Cruise.

Prague New Year's Eve Planner

Our New Year's Eve Planner is the main guide to the celebrations. It features the best river cruises, restaurant dining and entertainment in the city: Prague New Year's Eve Planner.

Midnight Fireworks

As midnight approaches, crowds gather in the city centre to watch the fireworks. These are launched by various organisations, including many by the revellers themselves!

The river boats and restaurants time their entertainment programmes to allow guests to see the fireworks, and many venues include Champagne or sparkling wine in the price of the ticket.
New Years Eve in Prague

Where to Watch the Fireworks in Prague

There are three main areas where people assemble to watch the fireworks in Prague: anywhere overlooking the river, at the Old Town Square and at Wenceslas Square.
Prague Fireworks
OPTION 1. The River:
The atmosphere by the river is fun and relaxed. With Charles Bridge at the centre, and a backdrop of the Old Town on one riverbank and Prague Castle on the other, admire the beauty of fireworks over water.

Where to head for:
a. The top decks of the river cruise boats, which all congregate at Charles Bridge;
b. Charles Bridge itself or the streets nearby;
c. The terraces of the riverside restaurants, on both sides of the river;
d. The terraces of the higher up restaurants in the Lesser Town;
e. Anywhere high up on Petrin Hill or by Prague Castle.
OPTION 2. The Squares:
Old Town Square / Wenceslas Square.

The Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square are for the more adventurous! As the night progresses, crowds gather at the squares, and the atmosphere gently builds. Then, at the stroke of midnight it gets pretty hair-raising. Czech people LOVE setting off fireworks. There are plenty of aerial fireworks, but a sizeable number of fireworks are handheld and fired off by the crowd themselves. On the whole it is safe, but only just!
New Year's Eve in Prague
Prague is a terrific city for a New Year's Eve party.
For more information, read our Prague New Year's Eve Planner.

New Year's Eve Planner
New Year's Eve in Prague
Restaurants, parties, clubs & entertainment on 31 December:
New Year's Planner
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New Year's Eve party in Prague: celebrate New Years Eve 2018-2019 in style!

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