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Prague New Year's Eve 2022-2023

New Year's Eve in Prague » 31st December 2022

New Year's Eve in Prague is party night, and the restaurants, bars, clubs and river cruises are always full. The atmosphere gently builds towards midnight, when revellers gather to watch fireworks and welcome in the New Year.

Latest News: The New Year's Eve celebrations are due to go ahead in 2022-23

All major developments will be posted here first.

New Year's Eve in Prague

Revellers travel from around the world to celebrate New Year's Eve in Prague. The party atmosphere can be felt throughout the city; out on the streets, on the river, in the squares, and in the bars, clubs and restaurants.

The festivities can be enjoyed by one and all: the young and old, the quiet and romantic, and the wild and carefree. Prague offers something for everyone.

Some bars, clubs and restaurants organise all-inclusive events, featuring fine food, entertainment, drinks and dancing. These range from internationally themed parties to beer hall nights.
New Year's Eve in Prague
New Year's Eve in Prague
Some restaurants specialise in local Czech hospitality, such as the Traditional Czech Night and Medieval Tavern. While others offer a simple romantic dinner for two.

Then there are the ever popular New Year's Eve river cruises:
NYE Grand Panoramic Cruise | NYE Panoramic Cruise

Of course, some revellers prefer not to organise anything, but to drink beer on the streets, pub crawl, and chance on finding a club that will let them later on.

New Year's Eve Planner 2022-2023

Our Prague New Year's Eve Planner is the main guide to the celebrations. It features the best river cruises, restaurants, clubs and parties: Prague New Year's Eve Planner 2022.

Midnight Fireworks - Where to Watch

The fireworks are the peak of the New Year's Eve celebrations in Prague.

As midnight approaches, crowds gather at key areas around the city, and the air buzzes with anticipation.

Traditionally, the choice of where to watch the fireworks has been to either head for somewhere overlooking the river or to mix with the crowd at one of the squares (Old Town Square or Wenceslas Square).
New Year's Eve in Prague
However, it is difficult to predict what the extent of the fireworks will be in 2022: firstly, while most things in Prague should be open and running, the situation can easily change in the light of the pandemic; secondly, the law governing setting off of fireworks has been made tougher. Please continue reading with this in mind.

The river cruises, restaurants, bars and clubs time their entertainment programmes to ensure guests can watch the fireworks and welcome in the New Year in style; many venues include Champagne or sparkling wine to celebrate with in the price of the ticket.

If you are on a river cruise or at a restaurant with a viewing terrace, the staff can advise you where to watch the fireworks from.

If you are at a restaurant or club away from the fireworks, you may choose to leave before midnight, walk to watch the fireworks, then return afterwards to continue the party. All venues should allow you back in.

Charles Bridge is usually the focal point for celebrations by the river. With a backdrop of the Old Town on one side of the river, and Prague Castle and the Lesser Town on the other, revellers can admire the beauty of fireworks over water.

The fireworks are mostly set off from around Prague Castle and other elevated areas, sometimes from barges on the river too. If spectators position themselves anywhere on or near the river, they should enjoy a good view.
Where to watch fireworks by the river:
a. Stand on Charles Bridge or in the streets along the river embankments: the Old Town side of the river is the most popular, because you look across the water to Prague Castle;

b. River Cruises: most boats congregate at Charles Bridge at midnight, so guests on the cruises can view the fireworks from inside the boat or out on deck;

c. Riverside Restaurants, on both sides of the river: some have large windows, others terraces, so guests can see the fireworks from their table or out on the terrace;

d. Hillside Restaurants in the Lesser Town (on Petrin Hill and near Prague Castle): some have large windows, others terraces, so guests can see the fireworks from their table or out on the terrace.
Prague Fireworks

Traditionally, the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square have been the most hair-raising places in Prague to watch the fireworks. With so many people in the squares, and fireworks seemingly everywhere, the atmosphere has always been electric.

The aerial fireworks provided a good show, but the most impactful were the huge blasts and flashes of light coming from all directions at street level. These fireworks were set off by ordinary Czechs, and the show would go on for hours.

A couple of years ago however, hand-held fireworks were banned, and the law governing aerial fireworks was tightened. In 2021, many Czechs ignored this. Hand-held fireworks were everywhere at the squares, and the sky was illuminated with aerial fireworks. What happens in 2022 therefore is anybody's guess!

Whatever the extent of the fireworks, the Christmas markets will still be in place, the restaurants and bars around the squares will be full, you will be able to see plenty of aerial fireworks, and there will undoubtedly be crowds of people milling around with bottles of Bohemia Sekt (Czech Champagne) in hand.
Where to watch fireworks at the squares:

a. Stand in a Square: all restaurants, bars and clubs in the Old Town and New Town are within 10 minutes walk of a square. If there are fireworks at the squares and you are at a venue elsewhere, grab your coat, get a re-admission stamp from the door, and head for a square.

b. Restaurants and Clubs at the Squares: venues located at the squares often have large windows and/or outside terraces overlooking the square. If there are fireworks at the squares, guests can watch them from their table or from out on the terrace.
Party Girl in Prague

Some restaurants put on their own fireworks display. This is a good option if you prefer everything, including fireworks, to be organised by the venue:

In 2022, the Traditional Czech Night will be one such venue.

Nebozizek Restaurant, meanwhile, will have a bonfire on the terrace (Nebozizek is located on a hillside overlooking Prague, so guests can keep warm while they watch the fireworks).

Other Entertainment in Prague

Other entertainment in Prague around New Year's Eve includes festive classical concerts, and opera and ballet performances. All are magical at this time of year.

Performances are held in grand concert halls, the beautiful opera houses, ancient churches, and other fine historic buildings:

New Year's Eve concerts, opera & ballet.
New Year's Day concerts, opera & ballet.

If you are seeking a typically Czech experience, black light theatre performances are suitable for all ages and nationalities: New Year's Eve theatre.

More Information

For more information on the night and a list of events: Prague New Year's Eve Planner.

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Find out what's open throughout December: opening times.

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New Year's Eve Planner
Prague New Year's Eve Planner
Restaurants, clubs, river cruises, parties & events in Prague:
New Year's Planner
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New Year's Eve in Prague 2022-2023: your guide to the events and celebrations

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