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Prague Brewery Tour

Prague Brewery Tour
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Number of People Minimum 2 people
Booking information
Dates: Operates all year
Times: Daily 12:00 & 15:00
Duration: 3½ hours
(no tour on: 24-25 Dec & 31 Dec).

Meeting Point: Old Town. Details of where to meet and a map link are included in your booking confirmation.

Tour Ends: Old Town.
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Prague has some fine old pubs which brew their beer onsite. These microbreweries produce a variety of fresh delicious beers, from light pilsners to dark spicy ales.

Our Prague Brewery Tour visits the three best pub breweries in the city (including the most historic), to taste their beers, soak up the atmosphere, and learn first-hand about the longstanding tradition of brewing in the Golden City.

We begin at a bar in the Old Town, where your guide for the afternoon, the 'Beer Master', introduces himself and starts you off with a welcome beer.

The Beer Master then takes us on a short tram ride to the first pub brewery, where we sample 7 beers, including light and dark unpasteurised lagers, a wheat beer, and a couple of speciality beers.

When tasting beers, Czech people often order traditional pub snacks like cheese and sausage to accompany the drinks. So we do the same, and it's included in the price.

Next, we clear our heads with a 10 minute walk to a grand old historic brewery, where we try a heady 13% dark lager beer brewed in-house and made from water, hops, yeast and four kinds of malted barley.

Our final stop is a large traditional Old Town pub and brewery, the city's most typical local drinking establishment. It is generally noisy with the hum of Prague locals enjoying a beer after work.

Here we sample a semi-dark amber brew. This is a yeast beer, a rare subspecies of Czech Pilsner that has fresh yeast added after fermentation. The extra yeast makes the beer crisp and vibrant. Unpasteurised beers do not travel well, so are best consumed right where they are brewed. Drink up!

At each pub the Beer Master explains the brewing process and the ingredients employed in making the beers we try. Participants will gain an appreciation of the varying complexities of taste and finish in the different beers, and will learn about the history and traditions of beer brewing in the Czech Republic. This tour shows that there is no substitute for a real guide.

We hope by the end you gain an understanding of why the Czechs consider themselves the premier beer brewing nation in the world. But most of all, we hope you have fun!

This activity is open to all ages from 18-80 years old and is paced to the participants of the tour. It is not a mad drinking binge, it's about quality not quantity. However, there is plenty of beer to drink.

The Prague Brewery Tour is in English. It can be arranged in other languages for groups (10+ people).

Note: Prague Experience recommends responsible drinking. Participants undertake this activity at their own risk.

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What's Included?
Welcome beer + Guided tour to 3 pub breweries + Taste 11 varieties of beer + Pub snacks + Tram ticket.
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Prague Brewery Tour in Prague

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