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The grand theatres in Prague offer a classical repertoire, whereas black light theatre performances are more Czech in nature: shows combine cutting edge visual and audio effects with dance, mime and acrobatics. Read our guide below to the Prague theatres.

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Black Light Theatre

Black light theatre is a specialty of Prague, a world of illusory creations and hidden secrets.

The story is told visually through a highly charged mix of theatrical elements: dynamic dance routines, colourfully dressed mime artists, ballet, singers, puppets, state-of-the-art visual effects and dramatic sounds.

There is often also a strong emotional edge to performances, with comedic touches.

As performances feature few words, if any, they are enjoyed by adults and children of all ages and nationalities.
Black Light Theatre in Prague
Black Light Theatre in Prague
Best black light theatres in Prague:

Image Theatre | Srnec Theatre | Ta Fantastika Theatre | Metro Theatre

Listings and tickets: Prague theatre tickets.
Laterna magika at the New Stage Theatre in Prague
Laterna magika in Prague

Laterna magika at THE New Stage Theatre

Laterna magika is a variation of black light theatre. Shows employ the same dramatic theatrical elements, but instead of static backdrops, animated and live film is displayed on a huge screen behind the performers.

Mime artists and dancers interact with the films to tell the story; and they gradually appear to blend in with the moving images, causing the audience to question: what is film and what is real life?

Productions are vibrant and fast moving, often with an emotional edge and comedic touches. As with black light theatre, there are little or no spoken words.
Laterna magika shows are staged at the New Stage Theatre (Nová scéna) in Prague, which was established in 1958 as the world's first multimedia theatre.

The shows are suitable for adults and children of all ages and nationalities.

Listings and tickets: Prague theatre tickets.

Marionette Theatre - Puppet Shows

Puppet shows enjoy a long tradition in Prague. A master puppeteers' creations are true gems of artistic craftsmanship.

The National Marionette Theatre is the original puppet theatre, and by far the best in Prague (avoid the imitators with similar names).

Shows feature life-size puppets dressed in period costumes performing marionette versions of Mozart's Don Giovanni and the Magic Flute. The stage sets aim to transport the audience back to the 18th century.
Marionette Theatre in Prague
National Marionette Theatre puppet
Puppet shows are suitable for adults and children of all ages and nationalities.

Listings and tickets: Prague theatre tickets.
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Black Light theatres and the National Marionette Theatre stage highly visual, energetic shows

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